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Drum Nation
Drum Nation
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Drum Nation

Drumming Workshops

Schools and Colleges

My workshops are suitable for all ages of students; Reception, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level, Under Graduate, and Post Graduate.

I create a friendly and comfortable learning environment and run the workshop in an energetic, fun and vibrant way that engages every student.

I use a range of teaching devices including call and response, Phonetic Rhythm, reading drum notation, and rhythm games. This allows me to engage all types of learner (Aural, Visual, and Kinaesthetic.)

I can cover a range of aims and objectives which are beneficial to students.
These include learning:

  • Simple introduction to rhythm
  • Set rhythms
  • Rhythmic Composition and Musicality
  • The effects of layering sound effectively
  • Rhythmic theory and reading rhythm
  • Pieces (either set by me or composed by the class) to performance standard for parents, assembly or school show etc.
  • Different sounds and techniques for using the instruments
  • Rudiments
  • Improvisation and creativity
  • How hand drums and percussion instruments can be related to the drum kit
  • Different time signatures and Poly rhythms

I promote self expression and communication among the group encouraging the class to be pro-active and to generate their own answers and ideas. In this way, the students feel that the end result is very much their own work and combined achievement.

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