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Drum Nation
Drum Nation
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Drum Nation

Drumming Workshops


Drum Workshops are ideal for people in institutions for the following reasons-

  • They are a physical workout
  • They can be inspiring for possible routes to take once back in the community eg taking up drums as a hobby or even as a career
  • Moral is boosted, which is helpful for those experiencing negative feelings
  • Team work and communication are heavily encouraged, which helps with relationships between each other and staff
  • They are an excellent outlet for releasing negative emotions such as anger and sadness, thus meaning they don’t have to find another way of releasing those emotions that could be less positive
  • Allows participants to express themselves and be creative, providing them with a positive outlet of energy which can otherwise be suppressed
  • I create a friendly, constructive, and non threatening environment
  • I create a great sense of equality and break down social barriers between differences such as race or sexuality
  • They have a positive effect on overall mental health
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